Sunday, May 29, 2011

After Semester updates +beginning of summer

Well, haven't updated as much as intitially planned but here we go.

The Superior Trail 50k was absolutely gorgeous and thanks to Paul H. and Brian P. (thanks to Chris L.) I was able to finish the course without too much suffering. Went to Fitger's the night before the race, then went to a burrito place for post race.  Will definitely be looking forward to signing up for more trail races and have a better idea of what the Superior 50 mile will be like. Course was so amazing to be on and constantly reminded me of the portages in the Boundary Waters. Whenever felt a little tired, always had to remind myself how nice it was to not have to be carrying a canoe and a pack.

Time has been going pretty quick that the semester wrapped up. Starting out the few days of just sleeping in a tad, going down to Caribou and studying some Japanese (sometimes w Longen-san) and playing catch here and there w Stones. Have done a few short distance (recovery) runs since after the race.

Just got back from Oshkosh and some members from Team 4 Japan got to say goodbye to Heather who is leaving in 3 weeks to teach fulltime there! After getting back from Oshkosh, Jeremy and Jin and I went to volunteer at Rochester Med-city marathon and watched a couple buddies partake in it. Look forward to being able to be part of many more marathons and also with getting creative it. (costumes/music/themes/ect)

Tomorrow will be moving back into Middlebrook for the start of the McNair Scholars program. Am pretty excited but would like to get a set schedule for the summer so can jam pack it with other enjoyable things that are happening.

Next race is Gma's June 18th. Today technically should have been my long run but with still feeling fatigued from the 50k and running on 4ish hours of sleep in the last two days, might hold off until tomorrow. Also time to get a specific training schedule for Gma's. Diet has been pretty pathetic lately (today having BK for breakfast at the marathon :(,  very large portion of cake/icecream at Granpa Vernon's Birthday party, followed by chipotle with stones, followed by 2 homemade cinnamon rolls freshly backed by ma) Need to start having more discipline with my impulses...Anyways, will finalize a training schedule leading up to Grandma's and start figuring out how to train for the 50miler w the help of Chris L. in the upcoming days.

Will try to write something in Japanese when there is a little more cognitive energy left to give.
Can't forget to start practicing Kanji! 口!

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