Saturday, May 7, 2011

First blog

Decided to make a blog for some reason during finals..Maybe just another excuse to not study or to justify why I didn't do so well on the final tests..Anyways, thought this would be a cool place to just record feelings/pictures/memories.
Tomorrow we are having a floor BBQ outside of Middlebrook which should be exciting if the weather holds up. Upcoming week is final exams and then will have a week until the Superior 50k and starting the research program with Professor Ingraham.
Kind of have a little tweak in the hamstring after Eau Claire Marathon so have been babying it a bit (except for running around at the Undie Run last night) which was pretty fun. Need to heal up in order to be able to train this summer and do the Superior 50mile in the fall. Don't want to be not able to finish that.




(Wondering if this will evolve into a diary type of blog, or more of a summary of events and activties blog.) Guess I will find out.

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